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Ghana Port Tema

Trical Courier Services is a leading international shipping company (based in UK) and we offer the best container shipping services from the UK to Ghana. Our container service by far is the most secure and durable service when it comes to shipping your valuables, cars and commercial good.

The main reason why Trical Couriers services is constantly recommended for shipping is because your container is treated with respect and can only be accessed by you once it arrives at the port. The benefit of shipping your containers through us is the fact that all your goods are protected against damage during transit. We have one of the trusted agents in Ghana that are quick to deal release containers once they are at the shores of Tema. 

Shipping Container Service

Trical Courier Services offers tailor-made logistics cargo services to Ghana. With our vast experience in transporting cargo to Africa, we have maintained the status of market leaders since our doors for business operations took effect. Our company provides a hands-on approach whiles we built a closer relationship with our clients and customers.

Trical Courier Services also benefits from an innovative IT solution to connect all our operations in real time flow. Our company has the solution for your general requirements. For any complex challenge to west Africa Ghana give us a call.

Shared Container Service

This container service is suitable for people with multiple pallets, house movers, companies with heavy machineries or commercial industries goods that would be financially viable to transport by air but rather be too costly to send in a single container. Our fast-moving service requires the weight and dimensions of pallets or large goods to give you the exact quote.

We transport heavy commercial machinery and bulk pallets through our variety of container services. Whether you after a 20- or 40-footer container, our company makes it possible to safely move your commercial goods to its destination. Be rest assure that your valuables will be safe in our care

Pallet and Boxes Shipping

Paying attention to our customers cargo is our one priority.  From an ideal perspective, finding the ideal boxes and right company to transport your goods to Africa is some that sometimes becomes daunting for many of your people.

That is why we offer you our customer variety of choices, from palletised boxes, hard cardboard boxes and foldable plywood wood export boxes to transport your packages from United Kingdom to Ghana and Togo.

For commercial cargo that has to go through UK ports are palletised in our triple walled boxes, professionally packaged, labelled and transported straight to our warehouse ready for shipping to Ghana.

With regards to cargo going beyond Ghana and its home regions, we palletise and transport these boxes through our various road networks in Accra to reach its chosen destination in Ghana.