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Ghana to collect is collection service we design to easy pressure on our customers and clients whenever a shipment arrives in Ghana harbour. Our containers are bind by time constrain, since goods and packages have limited time to be moved from ship once we gone through customs.

We most often face difficulty in dispatching goods to families and businesses in Ghana since there are many factors that stop the delivery chain in the country. One can say, our address system is not sophisticated like that of the West, where every address can be tracked regardless of where they are located, but our commitment is to break all boundaries to make this possible. We are here to fulfil our promises made to all our customers and clients in the United Kingdom that we honour every challenge brought fourth.

Our collection have been made easy although we know that can be daunting, but its saves you time, money, and eases the pressure from you cancelling work just to chase your parcel or miss an important appointment that could be life changing.

Below are some of the examples that might occur

  • The time constrain on offloading all cargo from the ship
  • Customers recipient address and contact details being wrong.
  • Not being able to deliver packages because recipient not home and there’s no trusted person available to take goods.
  • People falsely claiming to be the recipient.
  • Google location not being possible
  • Easy accessibility for the recipient to collect rather than being delivered
  • Urgency of goods being needed.
  • Collection location being closer for the recipient etc.

Collection Requirement

 If you have booked a home delivery but your recipient isn’t going to be at home, they can opt to have the parcel deliver to other location. They can do this at any time – even if the parcel is already out on the van.

When collecting parcels, please be aware of the below:

  • You will need to take your 12-digit shipment number (provided in your confirmation email or Text message) to collect from our depot.
  • You will be asked to sign for the parcel and will need photographic proof of identity to collect it, e.g., Passport, Driving License or Ghana Card.
  • We will take your photograph on arrival for data protection and as proof of identity of recipient.
  • You must collect your parcel within the set time and day allocated to you since our agents are constantly busy working to get things moving. To rearrange your collect feel free to contact us.
  • Sometimes parcels have unavoidably delay through no fault of our own if contact is not maintained
  • before leaving to collect your parcel please check it has arrived at our collection location, by entering the 12-digit shipment number online or contacting our agents.


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