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When shipping furniture overseas, there are other costs other shipping companies adds to your cost that includes: the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, the packing and unpacking of it, the loading, unloading and transportation of it to and from the port/airport, and even the cleaning of your possessions at your home once they arrive.


 And most often certain professional removal companies offer all these jobs as part of their overall service, but when shipping with Trical Courier Services we only charge one fee for the above service. Also, you need to bear in mind, we do no dismantle any customers furniture for insurance purpose since certain furniture could be expensive and insurance won’t cover.

The steps below show you how our company typically does if you want us to pack your belongings for you. There’s the other option where you can pack your own goods for shipping. Prices are based on number of bedrooms of your house.

Packing for international move

Once you’ve requested for our assistance for moving your furniture to Africa, we arrive with all packing materials you need and help you create a plan for your packing. Here’s our plan for how you should create your plan. There’s no such thing as overplanning.

  1. Check and make sure all the details of your forwarding address are correct. Make sure you know the quantity of furniture you have possible number and take pictures of them. However, if any of your furniture is damaged and still needs to transport, then we suggest you make a note of it. Another thing to consider is the exact dimensions of your home, especially the doorways. After all, there’s nothing worse than arriving to find your sofa can’t fit through the front door.
  2. Create an inventory of your furniture. Grab a pen and paper and list all the items of furniture in your house. A clear list can really help us get a better understanding of what we need to bring to your home. Once you’ve listed everything, go through it critically, separate things that are going to be moved and those that are going to be skipped because most often oversea moves sometimes mistaken our kindness for skipper.
  3. Inspect your furniture. We advise that you inspect all your furniture especially if you’ve got small children or pets, then you probably inspect your furniture critically for damage. You need to check the condition of each item and take photographs of any existing wear and tear. That way, if anything gets bumped in transit then you can prove it and claim on insurance (if you have it). You should also inspect your most delicate pieces of furniture and decide whether they need bubble wrap before shrink wrapped.
  1. Choose your packing materials. There’s more work to do than boxes and bubble wrapped. Overseas packing presents a whole world of wonderful materials, such as corrugated cardboard sheets, furniture blankets and plastic stretch wrap. Once you’ve decided on which packing materials you want us to bring, then list those in your email correspondence.
  2. Decide on date (s). Once you are confident with your list and decided on the packing materials required, then contact us on what date you wish us to come and pack your belongings for you.
  3. Transporting your furniture. With our professional team on board, we shall be all materials and tools required to package, prepare and transport your goods straight to our warehouse until shipping datf


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